DRS for Windows

DRS for Windows 6.0

DRS for Windows provides a full reporting system (See all)

DRS for Windows continues over 20 years of ACS Computer Services' dedication to providing up-to-date, comprehensive nutrition and ration balancing software to the dairy industry. Version implements the 2001 NRC Nutrient Guidelines for Dairy Cattle.

DRS for Windows provides a full reporting system including nutrition summaries, TMR mixing schedules, feed tags, load sheets, batch mixing schedules, computer mixing schedules. Reports may be distributed to clients in PDF format as email attachments.

Nutrient profiles may be tailored to meet your specific needs. A main feed library which may be shared among your dairy clients is provided. Each dairy client has his or her companion private feed library. Feeds may be easily edited, new nutrient fields may be defined, blends may be formulated by specifying individual feed levels. Custom blends may be formulated using the least cost calculations.

Rations may be formulated using least cost calculations or manually entered feeding levels. These methods may be combined to assure desirable feeding programs. Separate nutrient profiles are available for milk cow, dry cow and heifer rations. Beef growing and finishing rations may be formulated.

Programs are available for professional nutritionists and dairymen. DRS supports both the English and International system of units. Agribusiness organizations should contact ACS Computer Services about customized versions of the DRS for Windows software.

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